Waking Up

I got home about an hour ago from my weekend work at the John Dear and R&R retreat at Copper Beech. A weekend spent in presence and service is powerful stuff.

I have the honor of facilitating the closing circle for the R&R (rest & renewal) retreats on Sunday mornings. The folks in attendance have just spent a quiet weekend learning about mindfulness, practicing yoga, eating nourishing food, self-guiding themselves through whatever experience they need. This session at the end of the weekend is an invitation for integration; a conversation between all of us about what wants to be carried forward; a locating of the gifts of the time spent on retreat; and how not to feel overwhelmed by insight and transformation. I love it. It’s a sacred space we share.

Today I was reminded that the opportunity exists to awaken everyday: to notice new things, to be curious, to be open to insight and, it’s my responsibility to wake up. It’s my responsibility to greet each moment with gratitude for being alive, to listen deeply to the heart.

So, when I arrived home, I sloughed off my coat, turned up the music really loud, and danced; shook off anything that needed shaking off and woke myself up to the newness of the moment.

by Miranda Chapman, Copper Beech Institute Program Director

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