The Gift of Gratitude All Year Long

A few years ago I was on the phone with a friend lamenting my periodic penchant for binge-watching television shows; I was really deep in self-judgment and remorse. I felt I was squandering my time and wasting precious moments of engaging more with the world around me. After listening intently to my self-flagellation, he simply asked me: “What’s right about this situation?” I was left speechless for a moment. Attempting to put down this lens of judgment and joylessness and pick up a new one felt like a formidable challenge, but I went with it.

After a few moments of incredulity I found myself re-framing everything: I moved from a place of focusing on the wrong into focusing on the right. How was this situation serving me? It enabled me to stop for awhile, to move from the doing to the being; it halted the push for productivity, the need to be performing, making decisions, navigating; and, it slowed my constant movement and allowed me space to observe rather participate.

Then I thought: How could I bring this attitude into everything? What a gift he gave me. It’s a practice I carry with me to this day. In this season of gratitude this lens can come more easily as we are surrounded my friends and family, gorgeous food and sweet company, but what would happen if you carried this lens with you everywhere? Even when it isn’t so easy to see what is right about something? It can change everything. Wishing you space to find the right in each moment.

Blessings from our Copper Beech family to yours this Thanksgiving season,

Miranda Chapman, Program Director, Copper Beech Institute

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