Sanity Tip for the New Year


by Millie Grenough

New year, new challenges, new opportunities! This Oasis Sanity Tip is short and to the point. Take 60 seconds to do it now.

Take a minute to pause.
Thank the old year.
Welcome the new year.
Look around you.
Bring to awareness one thing that you are especially grateful for now.
Take three breaths in and out to savor it.

Mille Grenough is an ex-nun turned nightclub singer, an ex-shy Kentuckian turned international presenter. Millie delights in inspiring people to do what they thought was impossible. She is a professional coach, motivational speaker, instructor in psychiatry at the Yale University, blogger for the Huffington Post and author of 10 books. Millie will offer the day retreat, “Finding Oasis in the Overwhelm” at Copper Beech Institute on March 19, 2017.

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