by Peter Ulisse

This poem was first conceived in trying to fend off the fast approaching darkness of winter – and all that symbolizes. But then, almost despairing, I looked to the top of the trees reaching for the sun and was awakened to the reality of light and hope.

It’s just a matter of perspective for us humans. We can transform through our inner vision. I was inspired to finish the poem on hearing about the theme of Copper Beech Institute’s “Connecting to Your Light” January 2016 retreat, a retreat I later attended.

I hope the light of my poem, illuminating the shift from autumn to winter, carries you in the present as we experience the transition of seasons again – from winter into the growing light of spring.


Mid Autumn sun
sinks deeper in
an afternoon

Grass last week
glowing in beams
now in shadow –
thick trunks of trees.

I move my chair
frantically to follow
and warmth –

mid yard,
end of yard till
I run out of

Almost despairing
the inevitability
of shrinking days
and frozen nights

I notice sky
still blue
and spot red
and yellow leaves

at top of trees
unaware of Time
and death
swaying with wind

reaching for

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Peter Ulisse is a recently retired English professor and Chair of Humanities at Housatonic Community College. Former president of the Connecticut Poetry Society with over 100 poems published nationally, Peter is currently teaching a mindfulness-based “Conscious Aging” course at the Trumbull Y. He does Tai Chi and has practiced meditation for 30 years. Peter is a guest blogger for Awaken Everyday, Copper Beech Institute’s mindfulness blog. Copper Beech Institute offers more than 40 retreats, courses, and events to foster peace and resilience in everyday life.

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