How to Set Yourself Free…Really Free

What if all circumstances were neutral? This idea allowed Copper Beech master teacher Fleet Maull to turn a long prison sentence into a transformative time of personal growth and spiritual deepening. “Circumstances Are Neutral is not a value statement about the circumstances themselves,” he says, “but an affirmation of choice and the human spirit.” It’s a liberating premise, and opens up possibilities for the circumstances we face in our lives. To read more about Fleet Maull’s remarkable journey and the possibilities for freedom he offers through his teaching, visit his blog, “How to Set Yourself Free…Really Free” blog on Elephant Journal. Fleet Maull is a tireless and dedicated servant leader working for positive social transformation as a meditation teacher, consultant/trainer, social entrepreneur, peacemaker and end-of-life care educator. He will be offering A Pathway to Personal Freedom, Self-Empowerment and Authentic Relationships: Radical Responsibility® at Copper Beech Institute April 24–26, 2015.

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